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5th Year Studio

Fall 2019

Alexander Llantada_Aerial View.jpg

My final project for a studio focusing on future technologies. This is a proposed floating city for refugees. The main structure is made of Tensairity beams, which are air beams with the strength of steel beams. The super lightweight structure allows the artificial island to float on the water easily and drift with the ocean currents. The island can also be steered like a boat, allowing it to go to areas ravaged by war and natural disasters and pick up refugees. This floating city is about half the size of Manhattan and can hold up to 5 million people. The city will act as an independent city-state with its own economy, imports, exports, and culture. People can temporarily live here while waiting for the immigration process, or live here permanently. Instead of sitting in refugee camps waiting for donated resources, people can get jobs here and eat food from the lagoons and the farm. Fresh drinking water comes from the desalination domes in the lagoons. The main power source of the city is biofuel provided by the cows in the farm. The underwater part of the city is made of Biorock, which is 1/3 the weight of concrete and promotes the growth of coral.


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